Company Background

Arkok Apparel is a clothes and fabric manufacturer located in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. We always make sure that our services always have the best quality of products . Our company is equipped with the high-end  equipment and printing machines with the right skilled person to handle the operation at Arkok Digital Technology Sdn Bhd.We provide customization on the fabric that we offer. From sublimation jersey, custom wind flag ,to custom lanyard printing,we have pretty much every sort of customization alternative that fulfil your needs to end up being one of a kind, trendy and profesional, you name it we have it.Along the years, we provide our service include helping ease the burden of our business to business client so that their can design & print their product for Malaysia market.

We Provide The Best Dye Sublimation Printing

Often, most of us Malaysian, finds that dye sublimation is requested for sports jerseys or clothing of a similar material. Across all sports, dye sublimation is the jersey printing process of choice. It allows players to wear their sponsors in bright and flashy fashion. On top of the bright, vibrant colors, players can be assured that designs and logos won’t fade, crack, or dull over time. Additionally, dye sublimation printing is a great choice for apparel business . Dye sublimation is a great, affordable option for getting clothing printed for your business. On the other hand, dye-sublimation can be used to make shirts for school clubs, organizations, or even just as a gift for a friend.

Our Website With Very Low Minimun Order

Especially to all consumers across Malaysia, Arkok Apparel website offers a one-stop online shopping experience that provides a variety selection of apparel products that can personalized and customade.We believe online shopping should be accessible and has low minimun order to fulfill customer need and demand. We understand that it is crucial to satisfy the demand of our customer so that we can deliver the best experience for our customers, agent and business owner.